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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Author's Foreword

Life is forever changing. Some people can jump out of a difficult situation and achieve great success, while others become spiritless, leaving them unable to cope with life's difficulties. Instead, they prefer to live in the dark to avoid having to face reality.

We need to have personal goals. We should recognize that life is too short and enjoy as much of it as we can. Let the past be the past. Regretting the past does nothing to solve any problems. We need to learn from our past experience from which we can enrich our own knowledge. Stop only thinking of past glories. Instead, recall sweet memories. Think of the feeling you had when you were in your lover's arms. Think of the people who offered you a hand when you needed it. Such memories will not cause any pain but will make you feel happy and lucky.

Hopefully, my book of advices will help others choose a pleasant life journey.
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